The Bible….In this day and age? Who has time for that?

Have you ever started a television series, maybe on Netflix, that you instantly became hooked on? If  you have Netflix, you are so thankful that you don’t have to wait an entire week for the next episode to air, but if the show is just on regular TV, then you just can not wait until the next week!

I know I am totally showing my age, but when I was a little girl I was this way with the show Full House. I remember thinking to myself, “I can NOT wait until Tuesday!” Well, the Bible is the same way. It’s one long story, from beginning to end. It’s all about Jesus, and when you know the story of the Bible, it gives it so much more meaning. The more you study it, the more hungry you become for it. You literally can not wait until the next time you can dive into it.

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