We’ve all heard that saying.

New. New smells. New toys. New clothes. New shoes. New car. New.

Maybe it’s just me, but at the beginning of a new year I’m compelled to clean out. Clean out closets, clean out cabinets, clean out clothes, clean out that junk drawer and so on. And in doing that it seems like a good time to replace some things, or just start with new. New feels good. New makes us happy. (That’s probably something that should be examined all on its own.) And, new things cost money.  

In Luke 16, there is a passage where Jesus tells a parable about a rich man and his manager. Basically, the manager was stealing or squandering the bosses money/possessions and the boss called him out on it. So, the manager figures he is about to get fired so he goes about trying to get him a little cash so he can take care of himself. What is really strange about the parable is the manager is dishonest about how he does that, but yet the master praises him for acting shrewdly. Say what??? See, the focus is on the “thinking ahead”. The master is God and the manager is His children. And the parable is trying to get them to see that all that you own belongs to God and what He wants you to do is plan for your time in His kingdom, heaven. How will you use the money and possessions you have now to do that? The words of Jesus in Verse 11 read, “if you have not been faithful in the use of unrighteous mammon (money) , who will entrust the true riches to you?” True riches are the crowns, jewels and rewards we will receive in heaven for a job well done.  

So, consider before you throw out the old and buy the new, in what way will it be used to further the Kingdom. Think how much we buy into what is in style or the newest fad, but the majority of it does nothing for Kingdom work. Maybe if we really did look at our money as God’s, we would consider better how we use it. Asking myself before I make that purchase, can I really do without? How many poor folks can I feed off what I’m about to buy? How does God see this purchase?

“He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much; and he who is unrighteous in a very little thing is unrighteous also in much”  Luke 16:10