I don’t know about you, but I know sometimes it is a challenge to get devotion time in with my kids. I found this to be a really neat tool, and so I thought I would share. It comes from Focus on the Family’s website:

Researchers affirm what Christian families have known intuitively for years: families that eat together, pray together and play together are stronger. But today’s crazy schedules and priorities are making it more difficult to make every day count, even in the simplest ways.

That’s why we’re excited to make it easier for you to invest a bit of time each week on family devotions. We have compiled 52 weekly devotions for the coming year that you can start anytime. Each contains faith-affirming biblical principles that will help you do what no one else in this world will ever do as well as you: help build a lasting, thriving faith in God into your child’s heart.

Click here to get 52 devotions that you can do with your kids!