I have a really silly question…Do you struggle? I know it’s crazy to ask, because I know that the answer is “yes!” We all have our struggles, but sometimes in the church atmosphere it is easier to hide our struggles than it is to talk about them.  Satan knows our struggles, and he likes to remind us of them on a day to day basis. Satan has come to steal, kill, and destroy. He has come to steal our joy, kill our self-esteem, and destroy our lives. Today, I want you to be reminded of the promises in God’s word. Isn’t it wonderful that God gave us His word? We have the ultimate weapon to fight back these thoughts that come into our head!

I am reminded of the story in Mark where the paralytic man is in deep need of healing. He was so desperate for healing that he wasn’t going to let anything stand in the way. I love the website shereadstruth.com. It is a site that has all kinds of devotions, but I love how she explains the parable of the paralyzed man. Here’s an excerpt from that site:

There’s a crowd in the way? No matter. There’s a roof in the way? No matter. Nothing deterred them from getting the help they were seeking. Their faith in Jesus’ power to heal enabled them to break through any barrier—literally.

Their tenacity moved Jesus. Scripture says when He saw their persistent faith, He uttered, “Son, your sins are forgiven!” (Mark 2:5). Jesus started with the inner healing of the heart, but didn’t stop there. He then commanded the man to get up and walk so the resistant religious leaders could see He had the authority of God to not only heal bodies, but also to forgive sins.

We want the external; Jesus goes after the internal.

We want what is seen; Jesus goes after what is unseen.

Did He want the man to walk? Absolutely. Did He go after the healing of his heart? Fundamentally.

The nature of Jesus never changes. He always heals, always redeems, always restores. Our role is to come. When we reach our moment of desperate brokenness, no longer denying our sickness of heart and mind, we will do whatever it takes to get well. There we will behold His face, hear His voice, and receive His healing touch.

That’s the gospel, simple and plain. Jesus said, “Those who are well don’t need a doctor, but the sick do need one. I didn’t come to call the righteous, but sinners” (Mark 2:17).

I want to be among the ones who know they are sinners—broken, weary, in desperate need of a Savior. I want to experience a break-through-the-rooftop kind of healing. I pray the Holy Spirit will convict me, moment by moment, again and again. His conviction is a grace, a kindness, and a revelation that all is not well. But the healing we need is found in the forgiveness of our Savior, Jesus.


Isn’t that a beautiful truth? Let’s be bold, and come to Jesus with our struggles. Let’s confess them to Him so that He can begin a healing work in us.